Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A bunch of 1/72 WW2 Germans

Here's the first batch of WW2 Germans I've completed. I planned to use these for the Rate of Fire demo game a year ago, but ended up borrowing the Germans used in the game save for the 88 which I did back then. Even that has been improved lately.

Here's a couple of photos of a squad of infantry. They're from Plastic Soldier Company and I rather like the detail on them. Some people complain that 1/72 or 20mm doesn't have enough detail, but I think there's plenty here. I plan to do a platoon or so of these. At least for starters.

Here's the Flak 88 I used as an objective in the demo game. I've added some dirt to make it look like something else than just a basecoated piece, and improved the paint job of the crew. The piece is from Zvezda.

Here's a Stug Ausf G assault gun from Revell. I wanted to use a grey paint job on the tanks to avoid painting camouflage. I want to have an airbrush for tank camo but I can't afford one right now. The paint job makes the model a bit anachronistic as the Ausf G came into service about the same time Germany changed into yellow camo in their tanks. At least that's what I think. Some treadhead might want to educate us if he spots this. As you can see, I used the opportunity to practice doing muddy tracks. Is it excessive?

Not wanting my troops to walk, I bought this Opel Blitz truck from Italeri. The understructure was a pain to assemble, but it was quick to paint. I go for the grey again to keep consistent.

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