Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 painting summary

Ok, let´s take a look at my 2013 while the topic of the changing year is still fresh.

For last year's Kinkkucon I completed a small demo table for Rate of Fire along with some US paras. The table turned out nice, but I was too busy to paint the paras properly.

Spring was pretty quiet on the hobby front. I was busy at work and with out family moving to the countryside. I picked up the slack during summer when I arranged a Volley and Bayonet Gettysburg game and made a lot of sabot bases for the system.I also painted a big bunch of generals as I had to have every divisional commander present, as well as some odds and ends. I neglected to photograph these but I think we're talking somewhere near a hundred models. Let's say 100.

The game proved to be great for grand tactical action and I hope to play some more of it in 2014.

I started my ancient Greek project and finished a Hail Caesar division's worth.

I did a whole Epic Dark Angels army

Orcs orcs orcs orcs

The year was finished with some Germans.

So, the final tally for last year's painting:

28mm: 12 models
20mm: 31 inf / 2 vehicles / 1 gun
6mm: 449 inf / 30 vehicles.

Not terribly productive but it's ok. For 2014, I plan on finishing the Greeks and the Germans, do more of my retro orcs, paint a part of that Winter war lode I have and maybe an epic Chaos army. The chances of me not getting some new army might be slim though.

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  1. Siistiä, nuo 6milliset alkavat houkuttamaan aina vaan enemmän.