Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter War Finnish LMG Squad

Here's the first figures I've painted of the Baker Company Winter War Kickstarter. It's a LMG squad which consists of 7 soldiers, including a NCO and a gunner carrying the Lahti-Saloranta pikakivääri (a light machine gun). You'll notice I've mistakenly painted all their hands bare even though I now think they're supposed to be wearing gloves. They're going to get some frostbites for sure!

I wanted to do some dirt on the soldiers' snow camos since they wouldn't stay snow white for long. I think I succeeded quite nicely with the Tamiya weathering master snow/soot/rust kit I have.

The weathering kit looks like something out of my wife's handbag but it does good work.
The Lahti-Saloranta LMG

 I succeeded quite well with the bases using baking soda and PVA for snow. I wanted to contrast the dirty snow camos with some fresh, virgin snow. The texture doesn't show well on the photos because of overexposure. I haven't applied varnish yet and I'm not sure how they'll look after that but we'll see.

I also added some stubble on some of the soldiers' chins. These guys didn't have much time to shave.

Some reference material.
As I'm writing this the temperature outside is -28 Celsius and falling. A warm night for the veterans of the Winter War.


  1. Great effect with the weathering powder. Did you seal it with a spray or a brushed varnish?

    1. The models have now been sealed with spray varnish, but not yet at the time I took the photos. The varnish did no ill effects though. The Weathering powder I used seems to contain something greasy which causes it to smear into the model quite well. The effect does not wear out without varnish, I think.