Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Frostgrave: Thaw of the lich lord scenario 8

Not much left in our campaign. Just two more games after this and the Lich Lord will be done for!

Scenario 8: The Dark Cauldron

Cultists are cooking something odd in a big cauldron, the adventurers invite themselves to dinner

There is a big cauldron in the middle of the board which the cultists are guarding. Every turn a zombie crawls out. The soup must be spilled!

My opponent was undermanned as he had something like three warriors missing out of the game. He was also suffering from exceptionally bad luck when trying to get his spells to work so he was content to grab the two treasures he could claim and retreat when things got ugly.

I played pretty aggressively and had the fortune to drop his captain early on. I also hurt his apprentice and bound him in combat. The apprentice fought valiantly but eventually fell in personal combat against my wizard and his new pet dog. 

Wizard vs. Apprentice
Other than that, the cultists killed my treasure hunter and made my barbarian and my archer miss the next game. Nasty losses but since I got a lion's share of the treasure, XP and loot for this mission, I'm not concerned.

My wizard is now level 33 which coupled with good items and henchmen makes him quite dangerous.