Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Warhammer Quest campaign

We played Lair of the Orc Lord at Kinkkucon but unfortunately had time only for the first two deeps. The adventuring party is dispatched by dwarves into a dungeon crawling with orcs and goblins to reclaim a lost talisman..

Our adventurers: A barbarian, a bretonnian knight, a wizard and a warrior priest.

They start off easy with goblins..

..but the goblins bring bigger clubs!

They are ambushed by squigs and spider riders..
Slay an angry minotaur...
..and meet an orc shaman who runs away deeper into the dungeon.

Our adventurers enter the second level with confidence, but the danger grows!

They get stuck fighting an increasing number of orcs and Black orcs..

Fight across a chasm of fire..
And meet the shaman again! This time the orc summons a monstrous troll to fight our heroes! The appearance of several more greenskins in the middle of the fight make this a tough one, but the adventurers defeat the monsters and enter the third and final level. That's another story however, and we are yet to see it play out.

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