Saturday, September 7, 2019

Savolax light infantry regiment, 1808

I already have a 6mm russo-swedish war project with the Savolax Brigade already complete, but since Perry Miniatures decided to do them in 28mm, I simply couldn't resist! I'll probably use these in Sharp practice or something else where I don't need so many figures. Big Battle Napoleonics in 28mm is a level of madness I'd rather avoid.

The army of Finland during the 1808 Russian invasion was an allotment system where farms and villages were required to equip and maintain soldiers for the Swedish army. This meant that every few houses would pool their resources together to recruit a soldier, offer him a small house and a patch of land to farm, pay for his equipment and give him a modest pay. The soldiers of the allotment system were basically farmers who also took part in army excercises and the occasional war.  As you might guess, your mileage would vary on the quality of these soldiers as the intensity of their training and the quality of the recruits would vary a lot.

The Savolax light infantry regiment was different to your average infantry regiment in a couple of ways. First, it was divided into four demi-battalions instead of the usual two (I made two demi-battalions for this project which should be enough since the regiment was dispersed around Finland for most of the war). Secondly, a lot of attention was put into training them to operate in open order in the broken terrain of Savolax. Working together with Savolax Jägers they were well suited for the Finnish woodlands.

Painting these seemed to take forever for such, basically pretty simple figures. Don't know why I took so long, maybe I'm out of shape with 28mm historicals. The Perry models are otherwise great, but the uniform on the figures is actually of a later model than the one worn by Finnish regiments during the war. Luckily the differences between the uniforms are mostly obscured by other gear or too minute to be noticed by all but the most dedicated uniform fetishists, so it took only a bit of conversion work and creative painting.

There is an excellent article on the evolution of the uniform on the Northern Wargaming blog, go check it out if you're interested!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Orcs and Goblins for Heroquest

Here are the orcs and goblins for my Heroquest project. The earthy colour on the dungeon bases is to make them blend in with my brown-earth based Warhammer orcs and goblins when needed.

That pretty much wraps up the figures for the project. Now I just need to finish the furniture!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Genestealer Cult for Necromunda and Kill Team

I'm pretty sure these are the first GW models produced in the 2010's that I have painted. The previous "new" ones were for Space Hulk third edition. Back then, I left the Patriarch unpainted and used this opportunity to do him too. 

These should enable me to play all those new 40K skirmish games with modern figures. They painted up quite nice as a summer cabin project. 

As a whole, I think these models pay great homage to the old cultists. They're more a remake than a reimagining.

I like the rank and file neophytes. They really look like something that could pass as human.

My favourite mini of the group. A simple design that just looks good!

I tried out Vallejo chipping medium with this one. I like the chipping effect, but you really need the topcoat to be airbrushed on. When painting it on with a normal brush, the chipping medium activates and makes a mess of things. The figure is a necromunda Ambot with a cultist head converted in. The idea is that he's wearing a mining exoskeleton suit.

These were my least favourite of the bunch. Meshing the blue Genestealer carapace with rest of the model seemed hard.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Epic Marauder bombers and Thunderbolt fighters

After the Imperator which is rightly pretty much never seen on the battlefield I thought I'd paint something that'll see more play. Here are my new fighters and bombers which can be used for most armies of the Imperium. To keep them generic, I kept to a humble, grey paintjob so they'll fit in most armies and not look too out of place.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Epic Imperator Titan

Here's one model off my bucket list. Of the over-the-top ridiculous things in 40K, the Imperator Titan ranks pretty over-the-top. I managed to get the model a year and a half back and it's been patiently sitting on my painting desk for that whole time for the right moment. And here it is! I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and was struggling to get the pictures to do it justice.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Some merry men for rangers of shadow deep

I knew I'd have use for Bertrand de Brigand and his companions eventually! We started playing rangers of shadow deep and you only need a few figures when playing co-op. I can only fit one more in my crew after these three and I'm thinking of adding Felix Jaeger as Will Scarlet. I think he should fit in. Now I definitely need some Bretonnian foot squires for a whole merry men unit though. Give me a shout if you have some to sell me!

Also, here's Errol Flynn fighting Basil Rathbone:

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fimir for Heroquest

 "The Fimir are rare and recluse creatures, and decades may go by without a sighting the Empire would officially acknowledge. Notable professors of the Altdorf academy even claimed that they were only a myth. That is why imperial scholars were puzzled to hear reports from adventurers who claimed to have encountered them in Morcar's dungeons, far from their native bogs. If these reports were to be believed, what could have lured them from their fens? Had Morcar enslaved them? Had they joined him in some demonic pact? In any case, they had been a sorry sight to behold. Instead of fearsome beasts of myth the reports spoke of miserable, hunched creatures wandering in the dark, dangerous only when cornered. One might even have been moved to pity the wretched beings. The novice adventurer does well however, to remember the loathsome method by which they breed, and maintain his resolve."

Finding metal fimir that fit on a 25mm base is no easy task. I had all but given up hope, but then I spotted these "Myeri" by Oakbound studios.
Initially I wasn't that impressed by the sculpts but they're actually prettu characterful in a sympathetic sort of way. They were also fun to paint, I pretty much just kept slapping on inks until I was happy.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Heroes for my Heroquest project

Finally got the heroes themselves done for my Oldhammery heroquest project. Sourcing suitable figures took me quite a while, but I think I finally ended up with the team I wanted. The Heroquest elf doesn't have a bow, sure, but he can always use the rules for the crossbow and this way the figures are good to go for Warhammer Quest as well.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spearhead test battle with a kriegspiel twist

I built enough forces to play the introductory scenario "Attack This" from the Spearhead rulebook. It's a small one with just a battalion worth of troops per side and a 30" table representing a three kilometer square of actual terrain. I decided to play it solitaire to teach myself the rules. I've played the cold war variant a few times, but I have to admit that my opponent has handled most of the rules.

A simple solitaire game would have been a bit dull, so I invited a couple of voluteer generals from a wargaming Facebook group I hang out in to form the battle plan for their respective sides and do all the tough decisions during the battle without seeing all the action. With limited knowledge of the battleground and the mechanics, I hoped to create a kriegspiel-like experience.

I sent them both a quick brief of the situation and some technical notes on the rules which would affect their deployment. Here's the material (translated from Finnish)

Scenario map I enclosed in both briefings (North to the top)

"aerial reconnaissance" photo I enclosed in both briefings

German briefing: 
Leningrad front, May 1942
The winter has been relatively quiet once the siege of Leningrad began in 1941. Come May, things have become more lively however, and the Soviets are on the move. The first battalion of the 124th infantry regiment has been assigned on a three kilometer stretch on the front. Intel suggests the Soviets are massing armored units in this area so an attack on your sector seems likely. Division has sent additional AT guns to you, but no armored support is available. The Soviets must not be allowed to break through!

Troops available:
124th infantry regiment, first battalion.
The battalion consists of the HQ, three infantry companies, a machine gun company, a mortar platoon and a reinforced AT company. Offboard artillery is available.

The German player enclosed this very cool battle plan (It's only in Finnish, sorry!) link to pdf

Soviet briefing: 
Leningrad front, May 1942
The Soviet Union has achieved the impossible and stopped the fascist warmachine at the brink of ruin. The grand German offensive lost momentum late in 1941 and now it is our turn to show them that socialists know how to blitzkrieg as well! The main attack is planned in Kharkov to retake the city from the Nazis, but besieged Leningrad is also in need of relief. The 92nd armored brigade is to punch a hole in the German line and cause enough casualties for the Germans so that the breakthrough can be exploited. 

Troops available:
32. Tank Corps, 92. Tank Brigade
The Tank Brigade consists of the brigade HQ and two armored battalions.

The Soviet player enclosed this plan:

"The red line marks the route of the brigade HQ.
The first armored battalion reinforced with the recon platoon advances on the eastern side of the line so that the KV-1 platoon with the T-34's operate closest to the HQ along the line Hill 301 and the field -> The forest east of Hill 302 -> the Pass between Hills 303 and 304. The two T-26's of the battalion and the other T-34 platoon will circle around the wood with the field (to distract and draw fire).
The second armored battalion reinforced with the engineers will advance directly via hills 301, 302 and 303 and aim for a quick breakthrough attack. If necessary, any fascists hiding in the woods next to hill 302 will be driven out by the engineers and the tanks of the 2nd armored battalion."

The battle:

Now I had what I needed to run the game without "playing against myself". The only adjustment I needed to make was shift the position of both players' HQ units so that their entire OOB was in command range. The German HQ was moved from the forest to hill 304 and the Soviet HQ had to start moving a bit more to the east from the initial plan.

Throughout the game I would give the commanders updates on their situation. I gave them good information on things happening in the vicinity of their HQ, but was vague on things happening further out. This is a small scenario so there wasn't much for them to do mid-battle (I handled all movement and combat for the forces according to the plan) but they did do small adjustments to the plan based on how they perceived the events.

Turn 1 (south at the top of image): The Soviets advance according to plan, but no visual contact is yet made with the enemy. The Germans spot the Soviet armor (armor moving in the open is seen 18" out while infantry in woods only to 3")

Turn 2: The soviet "feint" to the east comes under fire by Pak35's. They fail to damage the tanks,but a German infantry company reaches the soviet T-26's with their panzerfausts with predictable results. The Soviet recon platoon spots the German company in the.. lets call it "Half acre wood" and the tanks close in to fire at them.

Turn 3: The Soviets on the eastern flank suffer losses and retreat towards the main group. A firefight breaks out at the half acre wood, but with no results. At this point, the Soviet player decides to commit forces from this breakthrough force to flank the half acre wood. One of the T-34's destroy a Pak35 platoon at hill 303.
Turn 4:  The engineers and tanks roll into the half acre wood, making good progress. Those flamethrowers the engineers have sure come in handy when fighting in cover! The German infantry company moves from the woods in the east towards Hill 305 according to the pre made plan, but come under fire by the tanks, also retreating.

Turn 5: The battle for the half acre wood looks bad for the Germans, but they are also causing casualties to the Soviet tanks. The Germans consolidate their position along hills 304-305.
Turn 6 (end): The German forces hang on in the half acre wood, and the Soviets have an unobstructed path to go for the breakthrough, but their morale fails them. Soviets roll their grade during the battle and they came out Green. That means that they roll whether they retreat at 33% casualties, and failed that roll.

The communication between me and the generals was nice and atmospheric during the game, but I cannot be arsed to translate it (If anyone actually reads this far, give me a shout. I think few people read battle reports but rather just skim the pictures). I think with a bigger game there's lots of potential for some double blind action but I need to paint a big bunch of figures for that. As for this game, it was surprisingly entertaining with just the single battalion per side. Sort of a microarmor skirmish game!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

WW2 German infantry battalion for Spearhead

Being active on the painting front after some weeks of not picking up a brush! Here are the first infantry units for my microarmor project. They took me two or three evenings to do so they're pretty fast to paint. These represent a German infantry battalion in Spearhead, reinforced with some Paks. They are for the first scenario in the Spearhead rulebook. Next, I'll finish up the Russians for that scenario and I can finally get a game in with these figures!