Thursday, February 4, 2016

Frostgrave Thaw of the Lich Lord scenario 3: Loot the Cart

In this campaign scenario the players ambush a supply cart belonging to the Lich Lord's cultists. Since we were four players on one table, we multiplied the number of NPC models accordingly. This worked out fine.

As you'd imagine of freshly painted models, my warband performed admirably and got out of the table with only three warband members out of action and no less than half of the treasure tokens on the table (four). One thug suffered a miss next game result so I sacked him and replaced him with another thug. I also got some nice items and loot. My wizard is now level 12, following a steady climb of about three levels per game.

Our host had bought a winter gaming mat during the holidays so the table looks appropriately frosty now!

Approaching the cart

Two rival warbands clash in a wall of fog (the paper stripe)

My warband bribes an opponent to give up the chase with one treasure token (I held five at one point but diplomacy is king sometimes in multiplayer games!) and leaves with the rest.