Monday, December 30, 2013

Epic Dark Angels complete

Here's the latest units to my Epic Armageddon Dark Angels army. I still have some ideas to expand them with some Razorbacks and AA tanks, but now I have the requisite 3000 points for a "standard" sized game.

Fist I'll show off a formation of four Whirlwind tanks I converted. Getting the models you want for Epic is beginning to cost a bit on Ebay, and I was feeling cheap so I decided to make do with a conversion. The Whirlwind tank is based on the hull of a Rhino APC (which I have piles of). You just have to mount a believable rocket launcher pod on top. I looked at some pictures of real life missile launcher tanks and converted these using bits of sprue and some plasticard. These will do nicely for me, even though I'm not very happy about the missile ports. I should get a tiny drill to do them properly.

Next up is a formation of Vindicator tanks. I didn't have enough of these either, but I took this as an opportunity to practice mold casting and made one copy from resin cast into a silicone mold.

Finally, there's the old school Thunderhawk gunship. It looks boxy and ugly compared to modern models, but the decals I got from a friend really improve the look.

So there you go. The army really was quick and easy to paint, I probably spent as much effort on it as I'd usually spend on a 28mm skirmish warband. Maybe I'll do Chaos at some point but I think I have other projects that need my attention. It also wraps up my painting for this year along with some 1/72 Germans I also finished today. I'll do a separate post on them later. See you then! 

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