Monday, January 27, 2014

a game of Space Hulk

Here's the final game I played at this years' Kinkkucon. I hosted a game of Space Hulk third edition to two other players who shared the role of the Space Marines between them. Their mission was simply to move through the hulk with minimal casualties.

Opening setup. The Space Marines enter from the top center of the hulk and must move out through the corridor on the bottom center.
A Librarian leads the Marines into the hulk.
The Marines advance via three routes while the Genestealers launch initial, unsuccessful attacks.
The Genestealers make their first big push when the marines are at a junction and are gunned down.

The Thunder Hammer Marine faces overwhelming odds but is saved by the librarian's psychic powers.

On the Marines' right flank, the Lighting Claw Marine and the Assault Cannon Marine both defend against 'stealer attacks with great success.
Aided by clever placement of psychic barriers, the Marines reach the end of the hulk with zero losses!
Only the Thunder Hammer Marine acting as a rearguard fails to escape the Genestealers. A near flawless victory to the Marines!
The Marines performed way above expectations in this one. I launched wave after wave of attacks against them and very rarely got to roll for close combat. The marines just kept killing everything in their path. Oh well, they will still never, ever win the 1st edition CAT transport mission :)


  1. All Glory for the Emperor! Good pictures, thanks for sharing. Was this one of the premade missions or a custom job?

    1. Premade. I just can't remember which one and don't have the mission booklet on hand.

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