Sunday, May 5, 2019

Some merry men for rangers of shadow deep

I knew I'd have use for Bertrand de Brigand and his companions eventually! We started playing rangers of shadow deep and you only need a few figures when playing co-op. I can only fit one more in my crew after these three and I'm thinking of adding Felix Jaeger as Will Scarlet. I think he should fit in. Now I definitely need some Bretonnian foot squires for a whole merry men unit though. Give me a shout if you have some to sell me!

Also, here's Errol Flynn fighting Basil Rathbone:

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fimir for Heroquest

 "The Fimir are rare and recluse creatures, and decades may go by without a sighting the Empire would officially acknowledge. Notable professors of the Altdorf academy even claimed that they were only a myth. That is why imperial scholars were puzzled to hear reports from adventurers who claimed to have encountered them in Morcar's dungeons, far from their native bogs. If these reports were to be believed, what could have lured them from their fens? Had Morcar enslaved them? Had they joined him in some demonic pact? In any case, they had been a sorry sight to behold. Instead of fearsome beasts of myth the reports spoke of miserable, hunched creatures wandering in the dark, dangerous only when cornered. One might even have been moved to pity the wretched beings. The novice adventurer does well however, to remember the loathsome method by which they breed, and maintain his resolve."

Finding metal fimir that fit on a 25mm base is no easy task. I had all but given up hope, but then I spotted these "Myeri" by Oakbound studios.
Initially I wasn't that impressed by the sculpts but they're actually prettu characterful in a sympathetic sort of way. They were also fun to paint, I pretty much just kept slapping on inks until I was happy.