Monday, February 12, 2018

Orc reinforcements

My pile of unpainted old/middlehammer orcs&goblins has grown worryingly so I suppose I have to do something about that too.

The boar boyz and big 'uns have been nearly complete for almost a year now. First I needed to wait for those original paper banners. Then I tried to find some shield decals and then.. I just hate doing shields sometimes so I kept them on the shelf instead of finishing them. Now that I painted Ruglug's Armored Orcs I finally completed the whole batch. Doing those shield decals freehand on the big 'uns and boar boyz was no fun but I console myself with the thought that orcs aren't exactly artists themselves so quick and crude shield symbols will do.

The original Ruglug's Armored orcs are probably some of the worse orc sculpts for Warhammer but I've had a bunch for probably a decade now so I had to give them some love eventually. In contrast, the Big 'Uns are some of the best orc sculpts Citadel ever made in my opinion!

The boar boyz are ok. The boars are of course pretty dull but at least now I have some orcish cavalry where there used to be none. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

6mm panthers

Here are my first painted 6mm scale tanks. I tried if I could do an acceptable German tank camo using my cheap airbrush and yeah, it can be done without much trouble. I painted these with Vallejo Model Air colours and gave them a wash of Winson & Newton nut brown ink. The ink brought out some detail but really dulled the colours, that's something I still need to work on. It's funny that camouflage attempts to make the vehicle blend into the terrain while the wargames modeler wants to make them pop out!

Having a label on the base is a good idea for WW2 and onwards. The vehicles start to look similar and you have to be a true treadhead to recognize WW2 tanks at a glance on the table in 6mm. Kind of starts to blur the line between a figure and a counter though.

The models are Heroics and Ros (not 100% sure on that as they were second hand) and based on 30mm mdf bases, ripe for a number of systems, including spearhead.