Friday, December 13, 2019

Winter War stuff for the anniversary

80 years ago the Winter War was already in full swing, so I've activated my old project and I'm finally finishing the stuff I need to actually get it on the table, namely a winter table and some support options for Chain of Command.

Two Soviet T-26 tanks have left their infantry support behind and stray too close to the woods. (Tanks are from Warlord Games)
A Finnish Anti-Tank section. Apart from explosive charges, light tanks were immobilized using logs and then burnt by tossing molotov cocktails on top of their engine air intake grills. (Finns from the infamous Baker Company Kickstarter)

Any scenario set in Finland requires lots of woods. I "winterized" some of my fir trees, scratch built some pines and used plastic tree armatures to make the birches.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Alpha Legion test figures

I have a bunch of the new chaos marines and cultists and I'm thinking of doing a skirmish bunch similar to my Genestealer cult with them. I like the Alpha Legion colours so I tried those on these figures. Pretty nice effect with very little trouble. I'll figure out the basing to these later once I get around to painting some of those cultists, too.