Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tzeentch we can believe in

Ok, here's the last batch of Epic figures I needed to get done for this weekend. I painted the whole chaos army in a month so it was a bit of a crunch to do but well worth it and still not that time consuming. I saved some good bits for last and really enjoyed painting the Tzeentch daemon engines.

The doomwings and firelords are pretty cartoonish and I tried to tone that down a bit by using metallic colours instead of flat ones. I like how these turned out.
There are no official thousand sons figures so for these cult marines I used some suitable old chaos marines and a couple of sorcerer models. Nothing fancy but it works.

Nothing says grimdark 40k like fairy tale castles flying on magic mushrooms, right? The silver towers are total Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit stuff and I tried to blend some psychedelic colours on the mushroom the castles sit on top of.

So there you go, all figures complete. Now there's just some minor terrain work for today and then it's off to Kinkkucon!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Chaos Undivided units for Epic

After a bunch of specialists, here's the backbone of my soon-to-be-finished chaos army. Doing these took a fair amount of time even if the end result is quite one coloured. The chapter is called "Invocators". I was trying to find an undivided chapter with fluff that would fit a chaos army fielding a bit of everything and these guys apparently do just that. It's serious business, doing fluff appropriate armies you know. The colours make them easily mixed up with Emperor's Children I guess, but that'll just give me permission to play them as Emperor's Children too!

Closeup on the troops and a rhino. The spiky bits on the rhinos are a bit goofy but the previous owner of the models had already drilled holes for the nails so I ran with it.

The predator tank and some terminators. I was initially supposed to do four terminators per base but found out three already fill up a base just fine.