Saturday, December 28, 2013

Epic 40K: Dark Angels versus Tyranids

I played a 3000 point game of Epic Armageddon today. The same opponent I played my first game against came over to school me a bit. Unlike last time, he didn't pull his punches. At least I hope he didn't pull his punches, I lost THAT bad. The pictures came out shitty due to the poor lighting and some dirt on my lens, so I decided to embed commentary in the pics themselves. See if that clears up any of the action and let me know if this is a direction to pursue in future reports.

My Dark Angels army consisted of a core of infantry backed by armor (2x tactical, devastator, land raiders, vindicators, whirlwinds) with some Ravenwing units on my right flank (land speeders and bikes). In reserve, I had some Deathwing Terminators waiting to teleport and a Thunderhawk gunship carrying a group of assault marines.

My opponent based his army on Gaunt groups supported by Carnifexes. He also had a Dominatrix, some heavy artillery support (I don't remember the name of the unit), some burrowing Trygons and a flying.. something.

Here's how it went down. The victory locations are marked with stars.

So, that was a clear beating I took, but it's fine. I think I learned a bit on how I should play this game. I tried a "hold the line" attitude with the marines, which worked out poorly against the superior numbers of the Gaunts. I lost my fast attack units to reckless manouevering and neglected to support my armor on the left with infantry so I guess I got what I deserved. The Thunderhawk did a good job in the match, but this was pretty much due to the complete lack of enemy AA. I heard the Tyranids don't really have any effective anti air units, so I feel a bit bad for fielding something my opponent can't counter.

I like Epic Armageddon. A lot of movement, a lot of things decisivel happening and you definitely win or lose battles by manoeuvering. Much, much better than vanilla 40k. It also plays out real quick which is a bonus.

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