Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Winter War Kickstarter miniatures arrive!

A small English miniatures manufacturer, Baker Company, put up a Kickstarter this autumn to make a line of miniatures for the Winter War. Being a Finn, I felt obliged to join in what was my first Kickstarter pledge. I had my reservations putting my money down as the company owner promised a lot of stretch goal rewards for a 60 pound pledge. I mean, this is a lot of white metal models for the sum:

The Kickstarter well exceeded it's funding goals and I'm sure Gavin Tyler, the company's owner, has had his hands full. Today however he posted a message telling us that his casting machine had broken down. That'll definitely slow down the process of making all those thousands of models for the hundreds of backers, but I was happily surprised to find my Finnish platoon in the mailbox today! This is the first delivery I'm getting and consists a platoon of infantry, a LMG and I think there was an AT rifle there somewhere. Here's some pictures:

The models have a lot of flash and a couple of aggressive mould lines, but that's reasonable considering the amount of orders mr. Tyler has to fill. The models seem all to be intact without any defects, but I'll have to clean them up to be sure. The poses which are leaning forward look like they need to be bent back a bit, but otherwise they all look ok.

I don't have much experience in 28mm historicals, but the proportions on these look ok to me. I'm not sure how the proportions compare to say.. Warlord Games' models though. I think Warlord's Bolt Action models look "thicker". Alas, I don't have any for a side by side comparison.

Here's a link to fho's blog with a size comparison between Baker and Warlord. Looks like a good match:

I can do a side by side comparison with a Bretonnian bowman if it helps!

I'm happy to get these and I'll have to get some of my unfinished models painted up so I can get room for my Finns on the painting table. Until next time!

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