Friday, December 20, 2013

Epic 40k Deathwing and Ravenwing units

I broke 40 000 hits on my blog just now so I thought it appropriate to celebrate with some content of the grim and dark variety. I completed some more units for my Epic Dark Angels army and here's the results:

I've liked Deathwing Terminators ever since I played the Amiga version of Space Hulk back in the day so naturally my Dark Angel Terminators would be in Deathwing colours. I also added a couple of Dreadnoughts to fill out a Thunderhawk I'm working on. Sadly this is all the Terminator models I have for Epic, but they suffice for one unit choice and a HQ option. I like how they turned out.

These are some Land Speeders and Bikes for the Dark Angels. Naturally the fast attack units had to be in Ravenwing colours then. Too bad the paint job ended up sucking. I just can't paint highlighted black and make it look like anything. Oh, well.

Anyway, I now have nearly 3000 points for my army painted up. I have a Thunderhawk in the works and some Vindicators to paint up. I'm also considering on converting some Whirlwinds from Rhinos as I definitely like the idea of having indirect barrage fire options. Also, I have three Predator tanks but they're not enough for a full choice. There are multiple versions of the Epic Space Marine Predator around and I'm hesitant to start bidding on e-bay for just one model. If someone has one of these in his collection and symphatizes, drop me a line :)

Wanted: One more of these.

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