Monday, March 31, 2014

6mm Hail Caesar: Syracuse versus early Carthage

I've been busy painting my Hoplite army and I'm now able to field a fully painted 300 point army of two divisions. I took them out to face my friends' early Carthaginians. I used the Syracusan list as they were the Hoplite army most often facing the boys from North Africa. I've embedded commentary on the game in the images in an attempt to make the action more clear. I think I should start using arrows and such more to make movement clearer..

It was a close victory for Syracuse. It's not clear if Carthage would not have won of the game would have progressed further but it seemed a bit unlikely that they would break both of the Syracusan divisions. It feels like games of Hail Caesar seem to drag on a bit after the main clash. Maybe a mod to make armies break more easily once the line is fouled up or reduce the number of divisions needed broken for the army to quit the field? The rules state that you have to have more than half of the divisions broken for the army to quit the field, but it really doesn't work with two divisions. Maybe settle for one broken division for two division games and it might look more what it's supposed to.

In other news, I got Phantom Leader, a solitaire wargame of air missions over Vietnam. It's pretty fun and definitely a challenge.

The game doesn't need a lot of space and you can put everything away between campaign missions

Here's where the magic happens. You have to choose your avenues of approach to the target and decide how to engage the enemy in the area. There's also a ground target to destroy.


  1. Nice report, there hardly is a better scale than 6mm for big battles!
    That Vietnam-Game looks very interesting!

    1. Yeah. Difficult to get nice photos though..