Monday, March 10, 2014

Warmaster: My first 10mm models done

 I've never played Warmaster or Warmaster Ancients, it seems I've ended up with three armies for the game. Models for the game have been quite pricey after Specialist Games was discontinued, so when I've been able to score good deals for the models which are becoming increasingly difficult to come by (outside Ebay), I haven't been able to resist. Now I have armies for the High elves, Orcs & Goblins and the Undead. I suppose I'll have to start painting some and I decided to start with the High Elves.

Here's a unit of spearmen and the first 10mm models I've ever painted. They're surprisingly time consuming to do. Compared to 6mm, I'll probably be able to paint three times the number in 6mm compared to the time I spent doing these. It's not the level of detail either, these elves aren't that complex to paint. It's.. something. Maybe it is just my lack of experience with the scale, who knows.

Anyway, the Orc army I have poses another dilemma. It's halfway through painted, you see, but the work that someone has done for it is ok. I'll let you judge:

I'm thinking that maybe instead of stripping them of paint and repainting them, I'd try to finish the paintjob someone else started. All the bases are unflocked etc. so it wouldn't be that hard to finish what has been started. I'm jsut wondering whether they will feel like playing with someone others' figures when I haven't done 100% myself. What do you think? It would definitely save me a ton of trouble..

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