Monday, March 3, 2014

New units for my Greek project

We've all been there. Starting a project and then losing motivation to take it forward. I had that with my Ancient Greek army after finishing the first Hail Caesar division last year. I had a fresh batch of 96 hoplites halfway painted and suddenly I felt like painting something else. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get myself to doing more of those shield designs. I painted a whole Epic Armageddon army and a variety of other things just to avoid doing them.

Well, I regained my motivation a while back and finished 200-ish new hoplites in quickly. It's a small number for 6mm, I know, but they seem pretty time consuming to do. I spend two or three evenings completing each batch of 100. Here's the latest:

Some "regular" hoplites with varied colours
Another angle

Here's some of Baccus' "unarmored hoplites". I gave each of them red clothing and limited the palette on the shields so I can use them as Spartans or other elite hoplite formations. I didn't want to give all of them the lambda shield emblem as the Spartans adopted it in the later Peloponnesian war period and I want to do the earlier periods too.

Another shot.

Some psiloi I finished last year, but haven't photographed yet.

I have a hundred more hoplites to do, but I'll have a break from doing them now. I have some cavalry and archers as well so those will give me some variety. I still need to order some light cavalry, peltasts and slingers before I can call this one done..

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