Saturday, April 19, 2014

Greek cavalry, archers and a couple of generals done

These featured in last post's battle already, but I hadn't added tufts and bushes to them yet. Here you go:
A Spartan general with a few of his closest friends looking to prove themselves to the gods
Greek archers. Archery was not valued in Greece and archers were not used that much. I based these semi-loose so that they can play the part of both skirmishers and light infantry.
A Syracusan tyrant with his orderlies. Not so keen to look for trouble as the Spartans.

Greek medium cavalry. The models were really static, but I managed to spice things up by adding some command models from the Greek generals pack.

Also, I visited London a couple of weeks back and went to British Museum. I spent a lot of time looking at Greek pottery and took some shots of hoplites and persians. I'll share a couple here:

Corinthian helmet
Persian archer
Greeks fighting Amazons
War propaganda. The Persian is shown riding a mule and is pictured as being a bit simple and buffoonish.
A scene from Illiad, I think.
Some fanservice to those people who came to this blog using the keywords "naked greek guys". I can see what people are looking for when they Google here and aim to serve the public!


  1. Lovely painting and the figures look great on their bases. Today I got my Hail Caesar rule book... I have 15mm Hellenistic miniatures i.e. Hoplites, Pikes, Peltasts etc.... trying to figure out how to base them, should I mount 8 inf and/or 4 Cav figs on 40mm x 40mm you have any suggestions?

    great blog you have here...

    1. Hard to say without seeing the models. You should fix some models on cardboard bits with blu-tack first to see what the units look like. Hail Caesar especially is very flexible when it comes to basing so you should go with what looks best. With pike phalanxes and hoplites you should have appreciable unit depth of three or four models at least to communicate the formation properly.