Thursday, August 2, 2012

Next up, Antietam

The 150th anniversary of the battle of Antietam is coming up, and we thought we'd do some appropriate gaming on the weekend before the big day. We looked at the Fire & Fury scenario for the northern part of the battlefield where the iconic wheatfield/dunker's church battle took place, and found that it was much too big for our combined collection. Also, it's quite a straightforward meatgrinder by the looks of it. Luckily, there's also a scenario for a lesser known southern part of the battlefield. That scenario is much more manageable in terms of figure stands, and has a more interesting setup.

Here's a map of the action covered from Wikipedia:

The union troops, after taking Burnside's bridge, attempt to capture the heights south of Sharpsburg, and the outnumbered confederates hold on. There will be some reinforcements coming for the confederates, commanded by AP Hill, which give the scenario some flavour and uncertainty.

Terrain-wise we'll have to do some more buildings, as the town of Sharpsburg needs quite a few to look appropriate. One of my opponents will construct a set from the print and play buildings I did for our Bull Run game. Also, getting proper rivers for my gaming table has always been a pain in the ass, and I've never gotten aaround to doing a proper modular river system that would look good. So I thew money at the problem. 70 euros, including p&p bought me about 4 meters worth of river from total battle miniatures. We'll see if they arrive in time to be completed for the game or whether we'll go with blue colored tape again.

The town of Sharpsburg

Maybe this gaming deadline will force me to complete those casualty markers, artillery limbers and wagons I've had on my desk for months. One can always dream!

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