Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Long time, no ASL

I haven't gotten much gaming done in months and I seem to have logged my last wargame in April. Now I got a game in with one of my regular opponents, and he suggested we play either Musket & Pike or ASL, and I gladly jumped at the opportunity to dust off my Advanced Squad Leader rulebook. The last game I played was at Kinkkucon in January and I tend to get a guilty conscience over not using my several hundred euros worth of ASL stuff. 

The scenario we played was S107 Tettau's attack. A simple infantry only scenario set during Market Garden with the Germans attempting to break through the British defense to reach the paradrop area. Considering I hadn't played for a while and my opponent having last played when Squad Leader didn't have the "Advanced" -prefix, there was surprisingly little rules reading during the game.

In the beginning the Germans go for a two-pronged flanking maneuver. The British occupy the village in the center with a Medium Machine Gun emplacement on the top floor of the large building.

The Germans start their advance and suffer casualties in the hail of machine gun fire.

The German group in the woods kill the British group in front of them, reducing the British force by 25% in one roll.

The Germans flanking in the woods at the top are in trouble as their leader is wounded twice and left behind. The groups advancing towards the village have more luck, pushing back some of the defenders.

The Germans attempt a breakthrough at the bottom but the machine gun emplacement keeps them in check despite malfunctioning twice.

The Germans are pushing through in both the top and the bottom of the map. The scenario hangs in the balance.

The British center is in danger of being surrounded and attempt a retreat with poor results

The Germans at the bottom break through, but have little time to reach the table edge.

The British counterattack in the woods at the top, sending the leadership-deprived Germans (they have a wounded 7+2 leader present) into a retreat.

The game is nearing the end. A British squad attempts to intercept the German conscript half-squad and the leader who have a chance of reaching the table edge.

The End. The British chase the Germans who managed to push through and break them.

It was a nice game with some interesting twists and turns.

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