Sunday, August 19, 2012

Baccus 6mm ACW artillery limbers & wagons

Along with the casualty markers I also managed to finish these limbers and wagons. As these are non-essential figures you can do without in a game, they are always on the bottom of the to-do list when preparing for the next game. I've usually been too busy trying to get enough rank and file infantry done to finish flavour figures such as limber teams. I'm happy that I can get rid of those cardboard chits with the word "limbered" on them now.

8 Limbers should be enough for artillery batteries on the move in most scenarios I have the means to access. ACW scenarios usually start with most of the artillery already in place, I think.

This is what the artillery models I have will look like when limbered. I suppose its a reasonable illusion.

Four wagon models to be used as ammo wagons, ambulances or civilian caravans. The castings were crude compared to usual Baccus quality. I think they're old casting and the mold might be deserving of a retirement.

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