Sunday, May 17, 2015

Introducing kids with an old classic

My nine year old nephew and his friend were visiting so I decided to dig up HeroQuest and see how they like it. I've been waiting for my sister's children to grow old enough for "proper" boardgames for years and I think now's the time.

The first adventure, of course.
The adventurers split up, something experienced dungeon explorers never do, and the dwarf runs into trouble!
Just a room short of their goal, the remaining adventurers are swamped by the monsters and make a valiant last stand..
The children said they've never played anything like it and had lots of fun. The theme is familiar enough as they play fantasy games on their computers, but boardgames like these don't exist these days, not as Finnish translations, at least. Kids that age are just starting to learn English and the Finnish market is so small it is not economically viable to do translations of niche boardgames. HeroQuest was translated back in the day and I think it sold lots of copies as nearly everyone has memories of having played it or having a friends older brother who had it.

Maybe I should get around to finally paint the figures...


  1. HeroQuest - the one game to get everyone hooked.
    I think it is a great way to introduce someone into gaming - the rules are easy to learn but detailed enough and the game is not to hard for the heroes, unlikely to most modern games wich can be sometimes frustrating to play, even if you`re an aduld. Actually, I find it is quite hard to kill a hero in HeroQuest as long as they work together.

    Oh and yes - that minis deserve some paint! :-)

  2. I find that Lego Heroica (if you can still find the boxes) works very nicely as an intro to HQ like games. Building the board seem to hook even the non-players.