Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Paukarlahticon 4

I hosted a gaming weekend at my place a month ago already (29-31.5.) but I've been too busy to report on it until now. The weekend drew in a record crowd of 21 people this time around so I'm really happy. The programme for the weekend was to play lots of miniature games, boardgames cardgames, wargames and so on. A good deal of barbecuing, going to the sauna and enjoying appropriate refreshments is also part of the format.

Many people chose to sleep in tents, which is a smart move if you want to sleep late.


The boardgames crowd is not really represented in the pictures but they were there. Being committed mostly to miniature games during the weekend, I didn't spend much time taking photos of the boardgames, but they were there, honest! Some people hesitate to come to the weekends thinking they're just about miniature games but there's a lot of boardgaming going on, believe me!

Regimental Fire & Fury: Olustee (6mm)

A impromptu addition to the weekend, we tried our first game of the regimental version of Fire & Fury. Familiar enough to anyone who has played the brigade version. I umpired this one, but we did not finish it. The Confederates were taking a beating and it was getting late so the players called it.

Muskets and Tomahawks (20mm)

Timo ran two introductory games of Muskets & Tomahawks during the weekend, but I was stuck in other games during them so I missed out. Also, these were the only half-decent photos I could scrounge so there's not much to see. I sure would like to try it out though.

Battlegroup Kursk: Caen

The main event of the weekend were two simultaneous games of Battlegroup Kursk and I played in one of them. The fighting took place during the battle of Caen in 1944. Both tables had four players. The table I was on had city terrain and had some pretty low grade German troops defending the area against an attack by the British. The British had lots and lots of tanks, but with the aid of good artillery, the Germans held the city.

The other game was an attack near an airfield. I don't know the specifics, but there was some desperate fighting going on in the woods and lots of burning tanks outside.

Chain of Command

I umpired a couple of games of Chain of Command during the weekend players who were either new to Chain of Command or new to miniature wargames entirely. The first game showed me that the tables should have lots of dead spots without LOS for the game to be entertaining. Otherwise the match too easily devolves into a gunfight determined more by dice than wits. I remedied the situation in the second game and I think it was more entertaining.

So there you have it! It was an excellent weekend and a welcome jolt to my otherwise slow gaming year. The space could accommodate the larger crow easily and I think the place could draw ten more people without much trouble. We'll see :)


  1. Noticed you fire and fury army in 6mm, very nice! What size bases did you use for the infantry, artillery, and limbers? Thanks!

    1. Hi! The infantry are based 25mm * 19mm which is the Fire & Fury default. Artillery is based 25mm*25mm and Limbers are 25mm*50mm

  2. Looks great! Inspires to play more on summer holidays.