Tuesday, May 5, 2015

They come from the land of the ice and snow

Sure, start a new period. There are never too many!

It's going to be a small one, honest! I got these 28mm Gripping Beast hirdmen in exchange for some Baker Company winter war figures maybe a year ago and thought it's high time to paint some of them. I aim for a warband of maybe 30 figures plus a longship to represent a force of viking raiders.

They paint up easily but the shields take some time to do if you want to get fancy.


  1. Beautiful work! The shields are definitely worth the time taken :-)

  2. Very nice work on the shields! Painting them by hand and not using decals is definately impressive

  3. Good job. It's nice to see that you put some colour into them and decided to go with freehanded shields - I like the look. Soon you'll notice that your little "skirmish" project actually requires close to 100 miniatures, some civilians, livestock, viking buildings and some new terrain. Enjoy ;)