Thursday, March 26, 2015

Reinforcements for my 20mm WW2 Germans

Chain of Command is played using a typical infantry platoon plus a variety of support options to give the force some color. I haven't had many support options yet and I've been borrowing my opponent's Germans so far. This latest batch remedies that and gives my Heer rifle platoon some much needed help.

A radio operator to act as a forward observer, a panzerschreck for those late war engagements and a sniper which is quite handy in CoC.
Two MG34's with a drum magazine and a tripod mount. HMG's to add firepower to my force. Note that some of these weapon teams require additional riflemen, which I need to do more of if I field a lot of these at once.
A medical orderly and some walking wounded.
A Pak36 to keep enemy vehicles worried.
A Panzer IV, which starts to be a bit heavy for Chain of Command, but might see the field if there's an abundance of support points in a scenario.

I found a Dragon models halftrack in the bargain bin of a local toy store and grabbed it. In CoC it will be more useful as a machine gun nest than a transport but you never know.

Building the halftrack took quite a while as Dragon models are really detailed and valued by military modelers. Even the inside compartment was fully detailed even though it is really hard to see inside once the model is complete.

So there you have it, more meat in the grinder.

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