Monday, March 2, 2015

Some "oldhammer" undead

My first finished models for the year and it's already March! *tries to remember it's not a second job but a hobby that should not stress you out*

Along with old Marauder and Citadel Orcs, a bunch of old Undead models have found their way into my lead pile. I delt the urge to do at least some of them so here's 15 skeletons and some spooks. The Skeletons are a mix of old Nightmare Legion models and some other old skeletons, the ethereals consist of two ghosts and two barrow wights. Nice models all in all. Reader Samuli S commented that I should try some different backdrops for my photos, so I did. How's it look?

The next batch of models will be some additional 20mm WW2 Germans to give me some support options for Chain of Command.


  1. Noita kelpaa katsella! Mahtavaa maalausta. Kyllä se vaan niin on että vanhoissa figuissa on sitä fiilistä enemmän. Vai onko se sitä että nostalgia kosekettaa kun 40v kolkuttelee ovella :D

  2. Nicely painted figures, I do like the old Citadel undead sculpts.

  3. The old metal skeletons are indeed very good sculpts and have stood the test of time brilliantly. It's somehow absurd that you can score them on Ebay for much less than you would have to dish out to buy plastic skeletons from GW.

  4. Excellent. Really good job on this bunch. cheers