Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 hobby summary

It seems we've made it around the sun one more lap without the world ending, so I'll take a quick look at what I did during the past year. It seems like the year went quickly, but my early year blog posts seem ages ago.

For miniatures gaming and modelling I managed to complete and play the following:

The Gettysburg game for last year's Kinkkucon had me busy for the end of 2011 and the first days of new year.
Marauder Miniatures' fantasy giant for Warhammer.

A Chickamauga game. I don't think I painted anything up for this.
Some Battletech Quick-Strike. I should build a demo table for this at some point.
A goblin catapult for Warhammer.

ACW casualty markers.
ACW wagons.

ACW artillery limbers.
Some fences..
A river system.
The afternoon battle at Antietam.
And finally a model Titanic.

I also tested Hail Caesar and got some Baccus 6mm greeks, but I haven't done anything on them since.

This picture was the last time the sons of Athens have seen the light of day.

Apart from miniatures gaming I also got a fair bit of boardgaming done. I was especially happy witht he amount of Musket & Pike games I played.

During 2012 I also took up archery and oh.. had a son, so I think I got a lot done all things considered.

Ok, so what's in the pipeline for 2013? The first stuff will be for Kinkkucon, which is on.. friday this week. I'll try and have a small demo table for 1/72 WW2 skirmish done. After that, who knows? I think I'll try and get those greeks painted this year, and I still have some ACW figures I should paint to complete my set. I also have a few dozen Germans and US paratroopers in 1/72. I think those will keep me happy for the first half of the year at least. Let's hope I don't see anything shiny that'll distract me to a new period!


  1. I like that last bit of work especially. Some excellent sculpting.

  2. I was quite pleased on how the skin color came out. Very lifelike.

    1. And no, that's not a racist comment, my friends are already jeering me for my obvious white pride statement :)