Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kinkkucon 2012

I kick off this year's gaming with Kinkkucon 2012. It's a small boardgames convention in my hometown Kuopio, and I've been hosting miniatures games there for several years. Btw, "kinkku" is ham in finnish and the con is so named because finns eat ham on Christmas and Kinkkucon is only two weeks after Christmas. Makes perfect sense.

The small space we have available for the convention got a bit cramped on saturday
A Normandy 44 game in progress.

Anyway, I hosted two games this year. The first was a small 1/72 scale WW2 demo set in Normandy using the Rate of Fire rules:

US Paras try to disable the German 88.
The kids visiting the con gave me a lot of positive feedback on the layout. They also said they had previously played a game called "Warhammer".

The second was a 6mm ACW game of the battle of Cedar Mountain using brigade level Fire and Fury:

I ran out of stands and had to replace some with wooden bases. The good thing was that the brigades on the bottom were not allowed to move for several turns, and the Union forces were happy to make Confederate stands available again.

I'll post a more detailed report on each one soon.

Aside from that, I showed one player how to play Space Hulk and Hammer of the Scots to another. That pretty much took all my time this weekend with some time left over to clean the hobby room and do some recurve bow shooting before my wife and son return home tomorrow.

The war is cut short as Wallace catches up with Edward Longshanks in the third year.
Looks like someone has been making a demo table..

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