Saturday, December 29, 2012

Musket & Pike: Lützen 1632

Some musket & pike action for today. I was teaching the system to a newbie but still managed to.. I mean lost like a good mentor should! We played one of the most famous battles of the 30 years war, Lützen 1632. Its the battle were Gustav Adolf the great died.  We had to call the game after 6 hours or so, but I think the situation was pretty clear. I played the Imperial side and both my flanks were all but gone at that point so defeat was quite certain. Adolf died like he did historically, though.

I have to wonder. Most battles in the M&P series are quite long compared to how many turns we end up playing. Are we too eager to engage and get the battle over with when the result starts to be clear on turn 6/22?

Commentary embedded in the images.


  1. I've also considered this series. But i would prefer shorter games. I can get a copy of nothing gained but glory for $25 new.

    1. I have nothing gained but glory and the scenarios are definitely smaller but not necessarily faster to play. Musket&pike seems to take up a whole evening regardless of the scenario, and we usually end up stopping play before the actual final turn has come.