Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work in progress for the map

Ok, here's where I'm at. This map is an amalgam of several maps on the area built on top of the wikipedia map. The grid squares are 40 cm * 40 cm and the table is 160 cm * 240 cm. The imperial scale people can do their own conversions like I have to do from inches and yards :)

I've also added some "cultivated land" in yellow, shich I intend to use to break the dull greenery of the grass mat if I find suitable material to do it cheap and fast. For bigger scales I would use this kind of rug to make fields but the strands are too high for 6mm. We'll see.

I'm a bit worried for my wallet when I look at the amount of woods present. If I want to make the woods look like something else than a dark green felt cloth with a couple of trees here and there I'll have to invest in a large amount of model trees. Also I still haven't figured out a way to do the streams so that it won't take a lifetime to do or look like arse.

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