Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How many figures?

I've begun work on the OOB for bull run by taking the official Fire & Fury scenario OOB as a template and working from that. The F&F scenario is in the 150 scale so I've been converting the number of stands to 200 scale, rounding up or down where necessary. It looks like I'll end up with about 83 infantry stands for the union and 71 infantry stands for the conferedates if I don't change much in the OOB's. Thats 154 stands of infantry in total. I've counted up my already painted stuff and I have about 75 infantry stands worth left to paint. Also, I'll have to rebase my old stuff once the litko bases arrive. So far, so good. The painting effort doesn't seem unreasonable. If I base the infantry stands to 10 models per stand it will total 750 infantry plus some scraps of artillery, cavalry and leader models I think it'll total about eight to nine evenings worth of intensive painting but hey, what else was I going to do this summer? Read War and Peace? (actually, yes).

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