Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Differing maps

Looks like the map on the Wikipedia page on Bull Run is somewhat different to some other maps out there. I did some digging and found some maps used in other games. This is the map from Take Command: Second Manassas I mentioned in an earlier post:

It has that nice elbow room I appreciate in a wargame. Looking at the Henry Hill area you can see that there are a lot more woods in that area than in the wikipedia map. Also, ingame, I could have a look at some nice 3d-representation of the terrain:

That's the only source I've seen with a stone wall on Henry House Hill. My version probably won't have one. This next map is from a Hex & Counter wargame, "Three Battles of Manassas". This is a good one:

In this map you het a better idea of the elevations. Also, the road behind Henry house is closer to the house in this one (as well as some other maps I've seen) than in the wiki. The area behind the hill is wooded and the elevations are more defined. Also, the wikipedia map didn't have Buck Hill, which looks like a feature that needs to be on my map.

I've also been looking at the Bull Run scenario from the Fire and Fury scenario book and maps on a book called "Maps of first Bull Run". Ive also done some measurement checks on Google Earth on some of the hotspots still on the field to make sure everything keeps on the proper place. I suppose I now have enough reference to build by own map on the field. I'm in the process of editing the wikipedia map to reflect all my sources and fit a wargame better. It's not ready yet so I wont show it. The table will be 160 cm * 240 cm though, so I'll be able to fit it on two citadel grassmats.

Also, Litko sent me a mail that my order is now done. I hope I'll get the bases in a couple of weeks. I've already undercoated a bunch of fresh union troops and I'll start painting them after I finish one 28mm piece I'm working on. I still haven't replaced my broken camera with a new one, so no miniature pics for you until I do!

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