Sunday, February 4, 2018

6mm panthers

Here are my first painted 6mm scale tanks. I tried if I could do an acceptable German tank camo using my cheap airbrush and yeah, it can be done without much trouble. I painted these with Vallejo Model Air colours and gave them a wash of Winson & Newton nut brown ink. The ink brought out some detail but really dulled the colours, that's something I still need to work on. It's funny that camouflage attempts to make the vehicle blend into the terrain while the wargames modeler wants to make them pop out!

Having a label on the base is a good idea for WW2 and onwards. The vehicles start to look similar and you have to be a true treadhead to recognize WW2 tanks at a glance on the table in 6mm. Kind of starts to blur the line between a figure and a counter though.

The models are Heroics and Ros (not 100% sure on that as they were second hand) and based on 30mm mdf bases, ripe for a number of systems, including spearhead.

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  1. i like the Nut Brown ink, but think it needs thinning at 50 / 50, though here the battleworn ochre sems to look quite natural.