Monday, August 4, 2014

6mm ACW cavalry and US sharpshooters

I finally painted my dismounted cavalry models! These are the last troops that were totally missing from my ACW collection, and I can now say that I have a bit of everything and mostly enough of it for a sizeable game. I am actually close to declaring my ACW project "complete"! I have some unpainted stuff left, but nothing I sorely need. I've found that a collection of 900 something infantry models plus artillery, cavalry, generals and such per side is quite enough for a medium sized game.

Union dismounted cavalry

Union mounted cavalry. I've painted these maybe three years ago but I've never photographed them for the blog so here you go.

Confederate mounted and dismounted cavalry. There aren't as many models as I have for the union as I needed more of Union cavalry when playing GB day 1 in Fire and Fury. The mounted cavalry hasn't been treated with anti-shine and the difference is telling when you see them in nature.

As a bonus, here's some skirmishers I painted as US sharpshooters in 2013. Also, never before featured.

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