Monday, September 16, 2013

More epic Space Marines complete

They're so easy to paint up I couldn't resume doing the greeks just yet but did some more of these. I almost feel lazy. I think the weathering powder works really well to make the models look like they're on a dusty desert planet. Here's what I have completed so far:

Two formations of tactical marines, their Rhino transports and a commander stand. These incorporate the ones I showed you in my previous post. I accidentially put them on 30mm washers instead of 25mm washers like I was supposed to, so I had to do a quick rebase. I also reduced the amount of figures per stand from five to four to avoid cramping up the smaller base. Good thing I noticed the wrong size at this point!
A formation of devastators, a formation of assault marines and a dreadnought. These along with the tactical marines constitute a Space Marine company as far as the official fluff is concerned. I decided to base my army around the "real" organization as I haven't read the rules yet.
A formation of Land Raiders for some heavy support. I haven't done weathering on track before and I'm quite pleased with the results.

These models already make up 1400 points for Epic where 3000 points is the "standard" size of the army. That means I'm almost halfway there. All too easy. I'll have a learning game with 1500 points coming up in Warcon. Good thing I'll have all my models completed way in advance this time!

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