Friday, June 28, 2013

Almost done!

The OOB's for our Volley & Bayonet Gettysburg refight are as complete as I can make them. Here you can see all the sabot stands for the scenario and as many figures as I've have placed on them combined with the union figures from my gaming buddy. With the two Union collections combined, we're still missing some artillery and the VI Corps in it's entirety but as VI Corps comes into play on the night of the 2nd day of fighting I suppose there'll be plenty of dead figures to recycle. For the Confederates another opponet of mine assures me he'll be able to bring all the missing figures on the morning of the game, so we're good.

I did some moderate painting to prepare for this, mostly officers. The games so far have been on the scale of a couple of Corps per side with the associated divisions but for this game I needed a lot of division leaders in particular. I ended up painting regular cavalry soldiers and basing them singly on 20mm bases for the division commanders (makes no difference visually in 6mm) and 25mm bases of three or so officers with a flag for Corps/Army commanders. Apart from that I did some sharpshooters and some minor terrain work. I think doing the 3" bases took more time than I anticipated as well as cutting and taping the unit labels on them.

Now all that is left is to assemble the table which I can't do very much in advance in fear of my wife, and printing out some player aids. Let them come.

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