Sunday, July 3, 2011

A friendly game of Fire & Fury

Finally I have some pictures of my 6mm Fire and Fury to show you! I went to my friends' place yesterday to show off my newly painted stuff and we played a game with roughly equal forces on a field made just by slapping a few pieces of terrain on. The scenario we thought of called for the winner to hold the crossroads and to jump up and down on the opposition. We played with roughly division sized forces. Four brigades of infantry, one brigade of cavalry and some artillery each. The union side, played by my friend Janne, had more artillery and cavalry but less infantry and the confederates controlled by me had more infantry and one small "exceptional" brigade.
 In the beginning of the game one green confederate infantry brigade marched towards the union lines with all haste, but to their surprise, were not followed by the rest of the division. Two other brigades close by had rolled "tardy" for activation and moved at half pace. This left the overeager rookie brigade tackling with two union brigades alone. The confederate brigade was soon disordered and suffered light casualties.

 The other brigades soon caught up, but another problem was facing the rebs. A Union brigade had snuck up on the confederate left flank (I though they would take longer to cross the woods) and on the right flank, the superior union cavalry was flanking the line. The small confederate cavalry brigade dismounted in the woods and tried to hold the flank but was cut down by the union horsemen.

In the center, the confederates made better progress. They charged into  melee and forced two union brigades to retreat, but were disordered themselves and the reb line was in a scattered state.

 Closing in on the union baseline had another ill effect to the men in grey. The union artillery became more efficient and started to pound the rebs, partially enfilading the poor souls.

 The confererate left was locked in a stalemate of musketry but on the confederate right, the flank caved in. The union cavalry broke through the reb cavalry and slammed into the flank of the elite brigade, sending it running and killing their leader. The confederate line was cut in two.

The situation being what it was, the confederate general quit the field, leaving the union soldiers gloating.

And here is the victorious union general pondering his next move in his greatcoat. The poor man hasn't been issued a summer uniform even as the day was very hot at about +30 celsius!

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  1. Very entertaining battle report - I've just found your site...and off I am to explore more of your awesome posts as I begin my own 2014 6mm F&F project. Well written, humorous, concise.............exactly what a report should be!