Thursday, July 14, 2011

The final stretch

Only two evenings worth of working time left until we play the Bull Run scenario on saturday. I'm happy to report that I have only one regiment of zouaves and some mounted officers left to paint, totaling to about 40 figures, which is manageable. For terrain, I'll have to assemble to or three of buildings and stick the chinaman's trees to their completed bases, which is not a big job as my wife has graciously agreed to help me. For the scenario, I'll just have to tweak the arrival times so that brigades which marched to a certain point on the field at some hour can reach that point in the game also, but that I'll do once I assemble the table on friday. I have a total of four players at the moment with a chance of hangarounds, so looks like everything is set.

I painted two regiments of union zouaves yesterday. At first I had thought to paint the fire zouaves close to what they looked like on the field that day, but since their participation in the war was very limited, I opted to paint all the zouaves in a more "generic" fashion with red pants, blue jacket and red fez. That way they won't be collecting that much dust. The last zouave unit I have left, the louisiana tigers, I'll definitely paint according to their color scheme though, as they were pretty much the only major confederate zouave unit and fought in great many battles.

Final day of painting. Tired, suffering of stomach aches and running low on whisky.

I'll be going trigger happy with my camera during the game and hopefully I'll be able to dump a nice load of pictures of the game in time for the anniversary next week. Then, I'll go on holiday for a few weeks.

Update: I had to change the location of the game at the last minute as the place I was going to use was unavailable. Also, I had to contsruct a new table from out of nowhere. Here's the result after a visit to the hardware store and after putting the hills on the table.

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