Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rebasing in progress

Nothing too delicious to show you so I've been quiet, but not idle! The laser cut wooden bases and their magnetic bottoms arrived from Litko Aerosystems and I've been hard at work rebasing my old 60mm*30mm bases to 25mm*19mm. I really like how they're shaping out. The bases themselves are great. Thin, cut to perfection and no warping at all when I glue the figures and the sand on. I really recommend these and I'll be ordering a new batch myself.

I also like the look on the miniatures now that they're on the new stands. Somehow they look more like a mass of troops even though the number of fires per stand is less. I'll post some pictures once I've finished the bases on my old models. In the same time, I have already painted some fresh ones. High time, too, two months of time left!

Terrainwise, I've found a cheap supplier of trees I ordered from, the package should arrive in a month or so. I'm working on some of the basic terrain features and they're shaping up like I hope. I just have some problems on how I'll do the rivers and roads so that they look good and don't take too much effort. Any hints would be appreciated.

Well, better get back to work. I've had some union troops in shallow water waiting to be released from their old basing!

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