Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bull Run Order of battle Beta

Here's a look on what I've done with the Orders of battle until now: Bull Run oob PDF

The document is meant to be printed on A3 in which case the unit labels should print out 25mm wide so that I can just cut them out and attach to units. The OOB itself is, at the moment, pretty much just the result of scaling from the 150 scenario in the Eastern Battles scenario book to 200-scale. That means I've dropped 25% of the stands.

You'll notice that there are a lot of artillery stands. The rules of Fire and Fury suggest that the actual frontage of a battery should be wider, but has been kept narrow for visual impact on 15mm miniatures. The rules state that several batteries aligned in a line should have an inch wide gap between them to keep it realistic. So, since I'm doing 6mm, I should have no trouble using 2 stands of artillery to represent a battery, especially since there is a possibility of a battery to be "damaged" and to fight at half strength.

The OOB might see some minor changes, but I doubt that I will be adding much more stands to it as I have quite a bit to paint as it is. I ordered the last batch of miniatures I need from Baccus, the last batch of stands I need from Litko and a metric ton of small scale model trees from China.

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