Downloadable Resources

On this page I will collate downloadable resources I have created, and which you can use freely. The resources include scenarios, player aids, print and play stuff and so forth.

NOTE: Most of the files here will be in pdf form uploaded into Google Docs. Google Docs opens these files up and seems to display them all wrong at times. Always choose the "download original" option and use that. At least until Google fixes its pdf reader.

Lion Rampant:

Greenskin units for Lion Rampant. First draft

Battletech: Quick-Strike:

Quick-Strike play-aid markers: Some markers I made to make it easier to remember hit modifiers, critical hits and such.

American civil war:

Fire and Fury Player aid: This is meant for A5 sized booklet printing and you can use it to make a handy small booklet with all the charts and tables of the game, as well as a sequence of play and a rundown on formations and movement modes to help the newbies.

Fire and Fury Markers: F&F is designed to be a game where instead of information markers, you use figure tokens, such as fallen soldiers as disorder markers and so forth. Figuring out to do a low on ammo marker in 6mm scale can be a challenge so I use cardboard markers, as much as they do reduce the aesthetic.

Print and Play Bull Run Buildings for 6mm miniatures: These are printable 6mm scale buildings I did for a Bull Run game. They include a historical-ish version of Henry house, Stone house and Robinson house, as well as some generic buildings. remember to turn off scaling when you print! These can of course be used for any 6mm ACW games.

Print and Play 6mm scale Union flags for Bull Run: I created these flags for our Bull Run game. They should work just fine as generic flags, too. Included are also flags for the 69th new york irish and the 11th new york volunteer "Fire zouaves".

Print and Play 6mm scale Confederate flags for Bull Run: CSA state flags for Bull Run. The "rebel flag" was not yet in use during the 1861 campaign and I used these to make our Bull Run game look the part. Some of these can be included in later campaigns for colour. Also included is the Texan "bonnie blue flag" and the colourful Louisiana state flag for your Louisiana Tigers.

OOB labels for a Chickamauga scenario by Legio Wargames.The labels are for a 25mm frontage.