Sunday, September 30, 2018

A couple of titan maniples for Epic and Adeptus Titanicus

Games Workshop did a new edition of Adeptus Titanicus and while the models make me drool they do cost a lot and are a bit too big to be used in epic. The fact that I had a bunch of old titans unpainted in my lead pile and that you can buy the rules for Adeptus Titanicus without the models led me to the obvious conclusion.

Overall, I aimed to do models that can be used as both loyalistts and traitors for maximum flexibility. That's why there isn't much iconography or faction specific colours on them. The Warlords are the only ones to "show their allegiance".

Team Purple:

These are my traitors and they share the colour scheme of my epic chaos army.

Team Blue:

And here are my loyalists. Their colours don't match with any imperial forces I have, but I painted the Reaver blue this summer so I kept with the theme.

Now I think I just need some knights to complete the set for AT. For Team Purple I have some Slaanesh Knights already painted up, but I need to find a couple of knight models for Team Blue before I can do them.

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