Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Grom the Paunch and friends

Here are Grom and his mates. I took advantage of my airbrush while doing the wolves which made the project a bit easier to tackle, but this still took me some effort as there's quite a lot of surface to paint, shade and highlight. 

A unit of three chariots can be used in Kings of war. I never used light chariots in Warhammer Fantasy itself, thinking they were too flimsy.

"Witness me!" I got a bit of a Immortan Joe vibe from Grom so I made one of the goblins give him a salute.

The backs of the wolves have been airbrushed with a couple of layers of grey on top of white. I then gave them some sepia wash as well as Nuln Oil. The end result is quite acceptable for the quick paintjob.

I found an old Goblin banner from my bits box. It was in rough shape but ended up fitting quite well!

The skin on these goblins ended up a bit darker than I planned.


  1. Perfect. Still having that old vibe but with much more modern colours!

  2. Fantastic paint work! I always wanted to add Grom the Paunch to my own Orcs & Goblins army in 4th ed. Sadly, the closest I got was the printed card version from the box set. Maybe one day...

    1. Thanks! GW brought Grom back for a limited time a while back. You didn't grab one then? It would have been in metal and all. This one's from the old days though.