Saturday, June 3, 2017

Additional units for the 6mm Russo-Swedish war project

Here's the last batch of figures for the battle of Siikajoki I was preparing to. The battle has already been played but I have some work to do on the materials before I'll post them. Meanwhile, let's log what I finished. The pics are worse than usual as I couldn't find the eos utility for my new computer in a hurry.
Uusimaa (Nyland) dragoons

Uusimaa dragoon
The Uusimaa (Nyland) infantry regiment.

Uusimaa infantryman. Note the lighter shade of blue. I opted to use the same shade on all the "blue battalions" as the difference can't really be seen in 6mm anyway.

Some artillery (Most of the guns used by the Finns were 3- and 6-pounders.)
A Finnish artilleryman.

Generals. I had trouble sourcing information on their uniforms so I looked at their portaits and worked from those.
Georg Carl Von Döbeln. One of the more successful Swedish commanders and overall badass. The black headband is to cover the wound he got in the battle of Porrassalmi in the previous war. He got shot in the head with a musket but was too stubborn to die.

Ok, I think I should paint something in a bigger scale next :)

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