Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kings of War 2nd edition

I got to take my Night Goblin army for a walk at my FLGS. They haven't been out in force since the early days of Warhammer Fantasy seventh edition and Kings of War granted me the opportunity to dust off my spearblocks. I fielded a goblin army with big hordes of spearmen and my opponent had an orc army with smaller units but more of them.

The rules were really easy to grasp and I'd rate this a light-medium wargame. Compared to Warhammer Fantasy the rules are quite a bit simpler and more importantly, there are much fewer special rules and chrome to try and remember. Unit blocks without casualty removal or ingame formation changes work fine and the game really plays fast. It's definitely geared towards armies with a lot of models, even more so than Warhammer. I think for someone who really likes metagaming and tweaking army lists this isn't as satisfactory as the GW offerings but for someone who plays less frequently and doesn't keep up with the latest tournament meta it's a blessing. Based on one game it feels like a nice game and I picked up a copy of the rules.

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