Monday, August 15, 2016

20mm Soviet tankodesantniki platoon for Chain of Command

I painted these in the spring already but haven't gotten around to taking photos of them. The tank rider platoon is a nice, small project for chain of command and especially in 20mm as there are just a few figures to paint. They can't field three tanks in Chain of Command obviously but the plastic soldier company box includes three and there are even turret variants for each so I decided to paint them all for completeness.

As for playing them, the tank rider platoon is a risky pick in CoC. Up close, they have lots of firepower because of all those SMG's, but they can't shoot anything at a distance (especially if they lack the support points for armored support in the scenario). Their limited numbers also mean that they can't really take a punch so you need to handle them carefully.

I had a hard time finding a good shade for the uniforms. I wanted green so that was no mistake, I just couldn't get the shade to look like the pictures. Well, that's the kind of cloth that was produced when these guys were issued their uniforms and there was plenty of variation!

The plastic soldier company T-34 box has complete variant turrets so you can change between a couple of versions which is really nice! Some trouble getting the tone right with these as well.
I still need to do a couple of low-tier supports for these and later paint a bunch of riflemen so I can field a rifle platoon as well.

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  1. Really nice work here. Love the multiple turrets it allows you to be more creative with your choices in CoC.