Thursday, April 21, 2016

Frostgrave: Thaw of the Lich Lord scenarios 4-7

I've been quite lax in updating the blog lately due to life stuff, but I've been getting regular games in anyway as well as some painting done.Today I have for you the summary of no less than four Frostgrave games I've played in the past couple of months!

Scenario 4: Storm of Undeath

The Lich Lord is flexing his powers, raising the dead during a magical storm.
The treasures were in an open space in the middle of the table and four warbands went in to retrieve them. At one point of the match there are plenty of skeletons who are animated by the storm so there are a lot of NPC enemies to handle.

The wizards attempted to grab all they can and retreat before the undead rise, but that didn't go too well for me as I got bogged down fighting another warband. My wizard cast his first successful Summon Demon and rolled 20, summoning a Large Demon!

The demon ended up clearing the center of the table of any skeletons remaining and my warband could retreat with only minor injuries. The demon is a good spell as in addition to getting an additional model to your warband, the demon is completely expendable and can be thrown in any situation.

Scenario 5: Run of the Rangifer

Rangifers are nothing less than WERE-REINDEER! They have natural bonuses versus the undead so naturally the Lich Lord aims to kill them all. 

A tricky scenario where the players attempt to save the rangifers from the minions of the lich lord while trying not to provoke them. That... didn't go too well in our game the wizards pretty much ended up killing all the rangifers themselves..


Scenario 6: The House of Longreach

Rumours of a fabulous treasure in a mansion filled with random teleports lure the wizards to fight each other again.

The wizards must try the teleports for a chance to get to a hidden treasure room, but it was more likely to get zapped by the teleport or to teleport to another door on the table. My warband got zapped A LOT losing a lot of health. My opponent got through better but ended up splitting his warband, making the part that stayed behind on the table easier to defeat. To make things worse, a troop of cultists attacked the treasure chamber and killed his guys over there.

Scenario 7: Lair of the Ghoul King

The wizards are trapped in the underground lair of the Ghoul King and must slay the beast and escape before being overwhelmed by ghouls.

My warband had survived the previous matches really well, taking only negligible losses. This scenario proved different. My opponent drew the ghoul king to attack him and defeated the beast easily, but there were a lot of ghouls spawning all around. I got the upper hand in the fight against my opponent, but bogged down badly while retreating to the exit. 

In the end my warband took out no less than twelve ghouls in this scenario despite the honour of killing the ghoul king going to my opponent. My warband got a lion's share of the treasure and a lot of EXP, but lost four men dead and one missing the next game! I lost a barbarian, a treasure hunter, an apothecary and a thug as well as a couple of magical items, making it nearly a pyrrhic victory! Good thing I've saved some gold to recover from the losses!

Thoughts on Frostgrave after about ten games played

Ok, we've played enough games to get a good idea on how the magic system and the campaign works. The basic game is quite competent although the big swings of luck built in the D20 can frustrate. The magic system is fun to use and there are a lot of different spells, but there are some which are just too good not to take for any Wizard (leap, elemental bolt, fog..). The campaign doesn't offer as much tinkering on your warband as Mordheim does and learning new spells late in the campaign will not do much for you as you'll probably stick to the few spells you have already maxed out.
I think if McGullough gets the opportunity to do a new edition which irons out the problems rules lawyers have thought up and do some balancing on the spells, I think it will be an awesome game. Now it's in the middle between ok and good.

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