Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Frostgrave warband complete

My summoner warband for Frostgrave is now finished. I was inspired by the Arabian type summoner figure in Frostgrave to do the entire warband around the same theme. The Wizard and the Apprentice are official Frostgrave figures, the rest being a mix of Gripping Beast, Artizan and Reaper miniatures. Oh, and the servant model is from a Wargames Illustrated Napoleon vignette!

The whole bunch. Not a whole lot of variety but enough as long as I don't mind using the same figure from lowly thug to a knight as the campaign progresses.

The summoner and his Djinn. I Frostgrave terms, the genie is a summoned demon.

Apprentice and apothecary. "Care for a mana potion, madam?"

These two are thugs in my current warband.


Archers. Three is enough ranged power in a warband to make opponents worry a bit.

I use the one on the left as a barbarian (Hassan chop!) and the one on the right as a generic proxy for pretty much anything. He can be a barbarian, a treasure hunter or whatever.

I think these turned out ok-ish. The wizard and the apprentice ended up lacking that special something to make them pop out as warband leaders but I like how the genie and the barbarians turned out. I've been dunking figures in Devlan Mud for a long time and decided to do the highlights mostly by hand in this warband and wasn't especially happy on how they turned out considering the time I spent, so I guess I'll go back to my old ways for a while.

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  1. Awesome! Best summoner warband I've seen. Looks really amazing. The colour choise is perfect!