Thursday, November 19, 2015

Frostgrave campaign game 1

Finally got my first complete Frostgrave game in. Didn't get any proper pics for you but I'll log the game here for the other players to see the results.

My starting warband:
3 x Archer
2 x Thug
Treasury: 20 gc
Base: Inn (Chosen after first game)

Game 1: vs. another Summoner warband
Scenario: The Complex Temple

The opposing warband had a two game head start on me, having a better level wizard and better henchmen, but in the game this was evened out by my good rolling. Both players left the table with three treasures and minor injuries. My Wizard got a "never quite as strong" -injury which makes him start every game with one damage already suffered.

Experience: 270 (have not chosen upgrades yet)
Treasury: 250
Grimoire: Reveal Death
Staff +1 Fight
Mail armor +1

A fun game and a good start for the campaign!

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