Friday, February 13, 2015

Some Blood Bowl and Block War

Quiet on the Hobby front. I haven't been finishing many models lately, although I did do some 20mm scale telegraph poles for WW2 I might post later,b ut I did get a couple of games in. Nothing much to report but here's a couple of pics.

Blood Bowl:

I'm shocked to find out that I haven't played a single game of Blood Bowl on the table during the existence of this blog! I have played the computer version(s) during this time but not a single game on the board for years even though I love the game to bits! This will not stand! I dusted off my goblins last weekend (I also have an orc and an undead team) and played against my friends' Ogres. I lost 1-0 after a lengthy grind, but it was fun. I actually noticed I had forgotten quite a few core rules during these years of downtime even though I have scores of games under my belt. I hope to reignite the game in my local group now to get people playing again.

My custom Blood Bowl board transforms into a carrying case to put my figures, papers and dice in.

The Goblins try to catch the snotlings while the Trolls grapple with the Ogres.

This one doesn't like being filmed.

Excuse me..

Napoléon (Columbia Games):

You know I love block wargaming and Columbia's offers are always a treat. I've played an older edition of Napoléon before and got a chance to play the fresh Kickstarter funded edition now. I don't remember much about the first time I played but my opponent says the changes to the new edition are minor. The game details the Waterloo campaign and I played the French. I tried to focus on the Brits first to defeat the Coalition one army at at time, but it didn't work out so well. Napoleon did beat Wellington and force the British to surrender, but the French didn't have the time or the fight in them to stand against Blucher after that

In other news, I've fixed my old Amiga 500 and replaced the old disk drive with a floppy emulator so that I can now load games onto the Amiga from a USB stick. All it took was a firmware flash to a generic industrial pc floppy emulator! Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. No nyt oon kateellinen... Just muistelin vanhoja Amiga aikoja. Mm.Laser Squadia tuli kavereiden kanssa veivattua vastakkain pari vuotta... Shadow of the Beast I / II, Xenon Megablast, Moonstone... Oi voi. Upea viritys sulla. Sääli että mun Amiga ja näyttö on kaatiksella. :(