Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An ammunition box prop / magnetised figure case for my 6mm ACW

This has been long in the making. When I started doing my 6mm ACW collection I did magnetic bases for them with the plan of having a carrying case with metal trays you could stick the figures on. Last summer, after finishing most of the figures I plan to do, I started work on the carrying case. I wanted it to look like an ammunition box from the American Civil War, so it could double as a prop item at games instead of the usual pile of empty cardboard boxes. Reference material was easy to find, as well as instructions by re-enactor groups on how to build one.

I chose not to paint or stain the box. I suppose a lot of them were produced cheaply with whatever wood was on hand. I guess the colour will change over time depending on where I keep it. The stenciling was a pain in the ass to do, as cutting the stencil was quite time consuming. The letters are painted on, not burned ;)

I had to make a couple of anachronistic concessions. A real box wouldn't have latches like that, but the lid would be nailed shut. Obviously that wouldn't do so I used a couple of modern latches.

The screws holding the box together are Philips screws. These didn't exist during the American civil war. I looked and looked from hardware stores but couldn't find any slotted screws! Weird. Well, I suppose I can always replace the screws once I find some.

Now then, let's crack her open!

The box fits five trays that stack neatly inside. The trays have wooden sides, a metal plate bottom and leather straps to lift the trays by. I'm determined to learn how to do my own woodworking and a project such as this is good practice as the result doesn't need to be perfect. After all, it's an ammunition box, not a dining room table!

There you have it. The trays hold my collection firmly in place and there's still room for some additions if I want to do some. The only thing I'd add if I would start over is have enough room for a side compartment holding rulebooks, dice and markers. 


  1. A very creative solution to storing and transporting your troops :)

  2. That's a very nice looking case for transport! Sure beats all the canvas bags etc. that you normally see carried around :)